5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Real Estate Video Marketing
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Real Estate Video Marketing

Is video marketing worth it? – Should real estate agents use it?

If you are still in confusion, read this post and get your answers.

With marketing videos, you can amaze your audience with a little creativity and planning. Here are some facts to convince you that a video is a valuable tool for your business, particularly if it’s a small business.

Video marketing should be included in your real marketing campaigns since it is a powerful and engaging medium.

Understanding Video Marketing

Video marketing refers to videos to market and promote your real estate services. It also increases engagement on social media profiles and reaches your audience in an exciting new way.

A few years ago, producing marketing videos were a luxury reserved for high-end listings and large brokerages. However, now you can use a standard real estate video marketing tool that is affordable and easy to use, helping you stand out from your competitors.

Why Use Video Marketing?

Several businesses, irrespective of industry, use videos to communicate with customers more effectively thanks to faster networks. Videos are used by many businesses, including yours, to capture the value of their customers.

Real estate video marketing goes beyond increasing engagement and views on social media. Further, video content can also open up doors to getting you noticed on platforms like YouTube as only text and photos cannot continue customer engagement.

Videos are one of the most engaging ways to share your thoughts on social media. Here are some reasons why you should engage in video posts:

  • Keep your profile visible on social media for longer
  • Increase your exposure and engagement
  • Enhance your understanding of your product
  • Get noticed
  • Engage with your audience in a more personal way
  • A powerful tool for sales
  • These platforms are gaining popularity

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons real estate agents must not miss video marketing.

Reasons To Include Video Marketing

1. Differentiating Your Business From Others

It is easy to get distracted in a sea filled with competitors when you sell a service such as real estate properties. It doesn’t matter if your brand is the same as everyone else’s. If your business isn’t unique or doesn’t differentiate you from your competitors, attracting the clients you desire will ne challenging.

So, video marketing is one way to make your real estate agency stand out. Moreover, it can highlight the unique qualities that make your realty agency better than a TV commercial or radio spot.

Video content is the best way to communicate your unique value (shorter than a face to face meeting).

2. Highlight Your Properties In An Innovative Way

Photography is a significant tool to help you sell your property. However, real estate video marketing is the next step to make your listings more attractive! High-quality photos are a must for any real estate agent, even the most novice. But many industry leaders do not use video marketing to showcase their listings. Thus, video marketing can help you gain a competitive edge!

Two great ways to use marketing videos for your properties are: 

  • The first is to create a video tour of a listing. Some agencies do this in 360-degree video or VR.
  • Another option is to create a highlight reel of properties you choose and then use it to attract potential buyers.

These two strategies will enable you to qualify leads before doing an in-person property tour. You can also reach more potential home buyers.

Further, video marketing is an integral part of Real Estate Online Marketing.

3. Explain Your Process For New Clients (or prospects)

Most people don’t know how to buy or sell properties. Moreover, this can lead to miscommunications, communication lapses, and unreasonable expectations.

The companies can address these issues by using video marketing for your real estate company. In addition, you can explain the working of your agency, what clients can expect and what you do at each stage.

You need to clarify all the common questions relating to real estate and the laws governing your region so that homebuyers can get better clarity on what choices to make.

Real Estate Video Marketing Guide: Top Ideas to Help You Sell More |  Constant Contact

You could use a video on such topics to promote your business, for instance, a quick brief about your agency for prospects or an onboarding video to new customers.

Or you could create a series on your FAQ page that answers common questions and leaves your contact details to address the inquiries of your prospect.

4. Show Proof Of Your Services’ Effectiveness

Your marketing message should include proof that your services are credible. More homebuyers will consider your company if you have evidence that your services are effective and have an excellent track record. Video marketing is a great way to market your real estate agent business.

Take, for example:

Your real estate company will likely have several satisfied customers over the years. It will be a dded advantage if you could invite them to share their happy stories with your prospects. Not only will such a step improve your company’s image, it will also help in increasing the number of your prospects.

You can record powerful testimonials from your previous clients and then use them as marketing assets.

You can also use other creative strategies when video marketing real estate.

  • Highlighting your best-performing properties
  • You can show clips of your agency receiving an industry award.
  • You can present a case study of a complex deal that you have completed.
  • You can even do a makeover to an underwhelming real estate listing, shoot it, and publish it.

5. Different Stakeholders

Video marketing is more than just for attracting clients. You can influence many stakeholders to make your business successful – you can also use video marketing to reach them!

They could also be:

  • Current and potential employees
  • Referring people who may be interested in your services.
  • You may also interact with other agents that represent buyers or sellers.
  • Potential business partners

These are just a few stakeholders of the many, and you can include these groups in marketing videos. They can have a similar ROI to client-facing videos.

For example, great video recruiting can help you get a new agent who is a star in your company. This will result in six- to seven figures of revenue. A well-made onboarding or employee training video can increase your team’s productivity and help you generate more revenue over time.

The bottom line is that while marketing to potential clients is essential, there are other things you can do with video marketing, such as engaging other stakeholders.


So, now that you have an idea of how powerful real estate video marketing and how you can make the most use of video marketing for your business, it is time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. Introduce video marketing to create enticing, engaging, informative, and powerful videos to grow your company.