8 Useful Tips and Tricks for Living in a Small Space
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8 Useful Tips and Tricks for Living in a Small Space

Sometimes, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Just because you live in a small space, it does not mean that you cannot create a functional and beautiful home for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Here are a few useful tips for helping you maximise your small living space during your home renovation in Adelaide.

One Big Piece Per Room

If you have a small home, then you don’t have the luxury of springing for massive furniture pieces. A huge table and chair set will dwarf your room (and not give you much room to move around). For each room, particularly the living room or common areas, choose just one big furniture piece that will be the centrepiece of the room, such as the sofa. Other pieces should be smaller and movable to create extra space.

Maximise Height

You may not have a lot of square meters in terms of surface area, but don’t forget that your home is three-dimensional! Give yourself extra storage and make your home seem bigger with shelving and wardrobes that reach to the ceiling. You can even add some extra space to kids’ bedrooms by installing bunk beds.

Your home renovation builders may be able to handle custom furniture or connect you to a reputable carpenter in the area.

Make Rooms Multipurpose

In a small house, you do not have the luxury of a designated room for studying, another for guests, and another for playing. Each room needs to serve multiple purposes. You can accomplish this through the smart use of furniture. For example, create a study nook in the corner with a desk and wall shelving that you can use in place of a home office.

Don’t Forget About Hallways

You need to maximise your usage of every square meter in your home, and that includes often-neglected spaces such as hallways. Hallways can be a great place to add storage, express yourself through interior decorating, or create a transition area between two spaces. Add some narrow shelving for books or trinkets, hang up coat hooks, or frame some art. Just be sure to leave enough space for people to pass through.

Choose Kitchen Furniture Carefully

Handling a kitchen renovation in Adelaide is one of the biggest challenges in a small home. You need enough space for everyone to prepare meals while hopefully still making it an inviting space. Choosing the right furniture is key to maximising space. While a kitchen island may be a good idea in a large kitchen, it could just clutter up your kitchen.

Choose smaller furniture or movable pieces that you can rearrange depending on your needs.

Use Colour Wisely

During a home renovation in Adelaide, don’t neglect your colour scheme! The right colour palette can help you create the illusion of a bigger home. Choosing a unified, neutral colour palette for the whole home will make the space flow, while bright, clashing colours break up the home.

Break up a monochrome palette with an accent wall, colourful tiles, or some polished veneer on the furniture.


In a small home, you can’t afford to keep a lot of stuff around. You physically do not have space for many possessions, and a cluttered space will only make the space seem smaller. When you are conducting your home renovation, do a home clear-out at the same time. Getting rid of excess furniture and trinkets will free up space and make you feel more relaxed, particularly in the bedroom.

Light Is Your Friend

A bright, light space creates the illusion of a bigger apartment. Try to maximise the flow of natural light throughout your home. One way to do that is by installing a skylight, which can be particularly useful in a bathroom that feels small and cramped.

There are many ways to build a stylish, comfortable living space, even if your home or apartment is small. Check out these apartments for rent in davie fl Maximise every square meter by making rooms multipurpose, using the height of your home to your advantage, and using smaller areas such as nooks and hallways. Your decorating choices, including furniture and wall colour, can either expand or contract your space. With the right design choices, no home is too small!