Different Uses And Placement Of Blanket Boxes
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Different Uses And Placement Of Blanket Boxes

Upholstery is somewhat of a luxury item in furniture products. This luxury is not just limited to the big furniture materials like beds and sofas, but also it is used in small furniture items that are not more popular but still they constitute a luxurious living style.

One of such items is the upholstered blanket boxes. They are not found in every household but in the UK household, it is somewhat a tradition to have a big grey upholstered box. It has become an essential part of our lives living in the UK.

According to the name, they should be used to hold or store blankets in them. Traditionally they were designed for the same purpose but over time and according to the other household needs, the homeowners got creative with it and used it to store other items rather than just storing the blankets in them.


Blanket boxes were originally placed with the footboard of the bed as it is easy to take out and put in the blanket from there. But it is not necessary that they should be placed only in that place and cannot be placed anywhere else.

They can be placed with the wall near the window or at the corner of the room. If you have a big bedroom then you can keep them near the bed on the foot side or at the side of the bed but if you do not have a big bedroom then it is not a good idea to put them in the middle of the room.

In a smaller bedroom, a good place for them is right near the window beside the wall or in the corner of the room. In these places, they just feel like to be a part of the room and do not make you feel that they are taking extra space in the room or have even made the room look congested.

Children’s room

Another place for a blanket box can be in the children’s room where they can store their toys. When they have to play with the toys, they can easily take them out of the box and after playing they can put them back again.

The Living Room

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The living is another good place for placing the upholstered blanket boxes. There they can be used to put books, magazines, some sheets to be used when feeling cold on the sofa and many other small things. The toys can also be stored there even when in the living room because the children are always running around in every corner of the house and the living room is one of their favourite places to play and run around. They can take the toys out of the box from the living room and put them back there again. In this way, the room will not be messy and the children will also love to use this box as their toy box.

 The Uses

The upholstered blanket boxes can be used for many different purposes. The top of the list is, of course, storing different types of things. What things can be stored in them? Let’s discuss some possibilities.

Blankets and Bedsheets

Traditionally, they were designed for storing the blankets in them. The idea was that they should there should be a box that is put near the bed in the bedroom where you can put the blankets and the extra bed sheets and pillows. The name was given a ‘blanket box’ due to the blankets were being taken off of the bed in the mornings and put somewhere else. They could have been let it be on the beds on the side or at the foot side along with the footboard but make the room tidy, it was thought that the blankets should be placed somewhere else near the bed, hence the idea of the blanket boxes developed.


As we talked about above, these boxes can be used as toy boxes in children’s rooms or the living room. The upholstered corners of these tables make them risk-free for the children running around.

Extra Sitting Option

They are good sitting options as well. When you have some guests over and lack in the sitting places, then use your upholstered blanket box as an extra sitting option. They are very strongly built and can handle the weight of two or three persons easily depending on the size of the box.

Upholstered blanket boxes with different coloured fabric options are perfect pieces of furniture to satisfy your storage needs. They do not just serve as a blanket box but also a sitting place as well. Visit Ottoman Beds for a variety of designs and colours of upholstered blanket boxes to choose from according to your need and style.