Prices Guide: Prices of Apartments for Sale in New Capital
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Prices Guide: Prices of Apartments for Sale in New Capital

New Administrative Capital Apartments

New Administrative Capital consists of several residential compounds that include apartments which have a variety of spaces and types while the prices of the apartments in New Capital can fit all tastes, and that why they are extra special to the investors.

In other words, the investors want to have an apartment in one of the most important places in Egypt. But on the other hands, the price unit of the apartments are quite competitive to the other areas due to the variety of prices in New Capital, and the flexible payment systems that each residential compound has.

In addition, all the apartments in New Capital have their own features; for instance, the unique locations, the variety of spaces, designs, and of course the affordable prices that differ from one apartment to another.

Through this article, we will discuss more details about the factors that have direct impact on apartment haunting which are the types, spaces and price per meter of the apartments in New Capital.

The Types of Apartments in New Capital

The price unit of the apartments in New Capital can vary, because of the type and spaces of those apartments which depends on the taste of the customers, also there are many types of residential units, for instance:

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  • Apartment Studios: which contain one bedroom, kitchen, and a bathroom, the prices of those apartments are lower than the others.
  • Residential Apartments: which can be in a tower or a compound, and its cost differs because of the space and the location.
  • Penthouses: are one of the unique apartments in New Capital, because they usually have their own terraces and elevators.

Also, there is another factor which is the space that impacts on the apartment prices in New Capital as the space of the residential units can start from 60 m² and up to 185 m²; which makes it easier on the customers to buy what is applicable for them when it comes to spaces, types, and prices of the units in New Capital.

The Prices Per Meter in New Capital Apartments

One of the main reasons that the price of the units in New Capital gets affected is due to the price per meter; which has a lot of factors like the number of services that the project provides, the special locations, and so on.

And the price of the apartments in New Capital can start from 7,000 EGP/Meter, and it can reach to 18,500 EGP/Meter, and that’s for sure is going to impact the apartment prices in New Capital.

While the investors will be able to buy whatever fit their budgets with flexible installments plans that all the companies are offering nowadays. The investors will have all the potentials to buy an apartment in New Administrative Capital with very competitive prices.