Solutions For Decorating On A Budget
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Solutions For Decorating On A Budget

Just Moved Into A New Home? The Cost Of Decorating Could Be Far Higher Than You Expected.

Whether you have just moved into a new or old property, you can expect to want to decorate to bring everything in line with your own taste level. Unfortunately, once you have bought a house, there’s not much spare change left over for updating the décor.

We researched some solutions for decorating a home on a budget that might be more approachable than you’d think. Here are a few ways you could solve your decorating crisis without breaking the bank.

How to Decorate Without Breaking Bank?

There are some effortless ways you can touch up your property without rushing off to refurbish the whole house. We will talk about those directly. First, we want to cover the two main ways you might stretch that budget to allow you to decorate how you would like to.

There are two main funding options here. The first is the homeowner’s loan, which lets you borrow a set sum towards the cost of decorating, because you have bought a house so you can afford to buy other things, too. Your house is the asset you borrow against[i]. However, this isn’t the best way to pay for home decorating.

Let us introduce the HELOC; the Home Equity Line of Credit. Using a HELOC, you only borrow one product and it unlocks up to 80% of the value of your home. Less what you still owe on the mortgage, you only need to take out one product, so if your decorating overspends, you don’t need to go back to the bank a second time.

How to Decorate on a Budget?

Now we have the funding sourced, here are a few ways you can decorate on a budget.

45 Best Decorating on a Budget Ideas - How to Decorate on a Budget

1 – DIY it

DIY everything you can but also know where to draw that line. You should only DIY projects that you can’t mess up too badly. If you are straying into the territory of fixing a leaking showerhead and it is becoming a whole new plumbing job, you need a professional. Know your limitations or DIY could cost you more than it saves.

2 – A Lick of Paint

Interior and exterior painting is the must-do when you are trying to settle or sell. Fresh walls allow your family to put their imprint on a property while simultaneously forgetting others used to live there. You might also want to paint before you sell, as reports suggest it has an ROI over 100%[ii].

3 – Upcycle

In an earlier article, we talked about redesigning items of furniture to breathe new life into old products. Sometimes called upcycling, this could see a tired old coffee table rejuvenated with a coat of paint or even some wallpaper.

4 – Minimise

It’s all about the minimal touches. Having a room with all matching wooden furniture doesn’t need bright walls or dark floors. All white Is enough. Keeping things minimal saves you on furnishing and decorations. A few key pieces could be all it takes to set your living space apart.