The Best Ways To Clear UPSC CSE Exam 2023
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The Best Ways To Clear UPSC CSE Exam 2023

Many applicants in India have the dream of passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). The exam is renowned for being difficult and for having a broad syllabus with many different areas. Aspirants must completely prepare themselves to succeed in the UPSC CSE exam 2023, which is only around the horizon.

Preliminary, main, and interview rounds make up the UPSC CSE examination process. Prelims, the first stage, is an objective test with two papers: General Studies Paper I and Paper II. (CSAT). The second stage is called Mains, and it has nine papers, including an essay paper, two language papers, and optional papers that the applicants can choose from. Interviews or personality tests are the last phases.

In this blog, we will be focusing on the best ways to clear the UPSC CSE exam 2023.

Best Ways to Clear the UPSC CSE Exam 2023

● Recognize the UPSC Exam Pattern:

There are three parts to the UPSC CSE exam: the preliminary, the main, and the personality test/interview. The Mains exam is subjective in character, but the Preliminary exam is an objective one. A panel of specialists conducts a face-to-face interview as part of the personality test. Candidates should be aware of the exam format and scoring guidelines for each exam stage.

● Make a Study Plan and Start Early:

Candidates should begin their UPSC CSE test 2023 preparation as soon as possible. They must create a comprehensive study plan that addresses every subject on the curriculum and is doable. They ought to devote appropriate attention to each subject and conduct frequent revisions. Candidates can also divide their study schedule into manageable chunks and establish deadlines for completing each one.

● Concentrate on Building Strong Foundations:

Candidates should concentrate on developing solid foundations in each subject. They ought to be aware of the fundamental ideas and take notes. Additionally, they must routinely practice answering questions to sharpen their fundamentals. Each topic in the UPSC CSE exam is significant, hence candidates shouldn’t skip any of them.

● Consult the NCERT books:

The core of the UPSC CSE curriculum is the NCERT texts. To comprehend the ideas and lay a solid basis, aspirants should read the NCERT books in their entirety. They ought to additionally answer the questions in the books. Aspirants should begin with the NCERT books for Class 6 before moving on to higher courses.

● Solve Previous Year Papers and Take Practice Exams:

A crucial component of preparing for the UPSC CSE exam is solving previous year papers and taking practice exams. To acquire a sense of the exam format and level of difficulty, applicants should complete as many prior year exams as they can. To assess their level of preparation and strengthen their weak areas, they should also regularly take mock exams. Time management skills can also be improved with the aid of mock exams.

● Keep Up with Current Events:

The UPSC CSE exam heavily relies on current events knowledge. Candidates should keep up with the most recent news and developments in the world. They should follow dependable sources for current affairs, read newspapers, and watch news channels. Additionally, candidates should keep track of major current events and review their notes frequently.

● Practice Time Management:

The UPSC CSE test requires excellent time management. During the exam, candidates should practice efficient time management. To have time for further questions, they should answer queries precisely and swiftly. Additionally, while studying for the exam, aspirants should practice time management. They ought to devote appropriate attention to each subject and conduct frequent revisions.

Best Tips to Study for UPSC in a Systematic way |

● Take Good Care of Your Health:

Taking good care of one’s health is essential when preparing for the UPSC CSE exam. To keep fit and focused, aspirants should exercise frequently, consume a balanced diet, and get adequate sleep. Additionally, candidates should take regular breaks from their studies to unwind and recharge.

● Become a Member of a Coaching Institute:

Enrolling in a coaching institute is a great approach to getting ready for the UPSC CSE exam. Coaching facilities offer hopefuls professional advice, study materials, and practice exams. A coaching center with a high exam pass record and knowledgeable instructors should be chosen by aspirants.

● Emphasize Your Writing Abilities:

The UPSC CSE Mains test requires strong writing abilities. Aspirants should concentrate on developing their writing abilities by routinely practicing essay writing, answering writing, and précis writing. To comprehend the exam’s structure and writing style, they should also review the previous year’s test questions.

● Boost Your General Knowledge:

The UPSC CSE exam syllabus includes a significant portion of general knowledge. By routinely reading books, periodicals, and magazines, aspirants can increase their general knowledge. In addition, they ought to watch instructional videos on numerous subjects and finish quizzes.


Passing the UPSC CSE exam is a goal for many candidates and necessitates a calculated and deliberate approach. Candidates should begin their planning early and maintain a regular study schedule. It’s also crucial to maintain your enthusiasm, outlook, and self-assurance throughout the preparation process and exam. Aspirants can succeed in achieving their objective of becoming civil servants and serving the country if they are committed, diligent, and have the proper attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Can I Get Ready For The 2023 UPSC CSE Exam?

Ans: Candidates should understand the exam format, create a study plan, concentrate on developing strong fundamentals, read the NCERT books in-depth, pick their optional subjects wisely, complete previous year’s papers and take mock exams, stay current with current events, practice time management, take care of their health, and have confidence in themselves.

What Optional Topics Are Offered For The UPSC CSE Exam?

Ans: A wide range of optional subjects are available for the UPSC CSE exam, including Anthropology, Geography, History, Political Science and International Relations, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, and many others.