Tools Required for Lawn Maintenance
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Tools Required for Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn transforms any garden, but it doesn’t happen without some master service. Here are a few tools you’ll need to keep your garden in good shape.

Edging Iron:

This tool is essential for refreshing your lawn’s margins and creating new shapes or borders. Slice down just into the edge of an existing border to make it flat and crisp when used vertically.

This tool is perfect for cutting new borders into the turf; cut your new border with the edging iron, then remove any unwanted grass with a fork.


Watering your lawn during dry spells is essential for maintaining it lush, green, and healthy and strengthening the roots to prevent winter damage.

It’s usual to go out into the garden every day and give your lawn a brief watering, but this will only allow the water to reach the top few centimetres of soil.

If only the top layer is wet, the grassroots will gravitate toward the water and grow near the surface. As a result, they will dry up faster and become more vulnerable to harm.

A good soak will benefit your grass during dry conditions and foster deep, strong-rooted.

Edging Shears:

It’s all well and good to have well-kept, striped grass, but it doesn’t look right without clean edges. Keep your edging shears sharp to avoid shredding the grass, which will result in brown edges.

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Hold the edgers upright when cutting to avoid cutting into the soil and having slanted edges; your lawn will progressively get smaller each time you edge, albeit it will take some time.

Lawn Mowers:

There are numerous options available, each with its own set of characteristics.

A gas mower would be the best choice if you have a large lawn; an electric mower can typically handle medium and small properties; and if you prefer a bit of a workout, a push along mower will help.

If you want stripes, consider one that has a roller; note that cutting the lawn too short makes lines challenging to see and fosters weeds and moss!

Mulching mowers shred the grass into little fragments that can be left on the lawn to decompose and feed your grass.


This is a machine that cuts through the lawn to remove thatch build-up. It will also aerate the topsoil, assisting in rejuvenating an old, worn lawn. For good lawns, scarify once a year or every two years. This, like other lawn care, is best done in the late spring or autumn.